Home Staging

An emotional affair, the makeup of sales psychology.

No photos, thanks; German beech in every room, a blue blanket in the bedroom, plastic flowers, a green carpet in the living room – everyone is familiar with this. Quickly the exposé becomes a crime scene and the customer is its bloody victim. Well, likewise in real life, there is no second chance for a first impression.

You needed a little more than 12 seconds to read the first line of a text, but your client already left within its first half.By one click he was gone.

What does home staging look like practically?

Skillfully staged rooms where the natural light is the most important design element. For example women who use daily makeup apply their makeup perfectly. Basically makeup in home staging works the same: Choosing soft and natural colors which emphasizes the vitality and advantages of a property combined with a perfect exemplary furnishing and a selection of beautiful accessories.

What advantages does home staging provide?

Home staging is the perfect solution for real estate agents, property managers and home owners who desire to market their property in the most convincing and successful way.

Within the very first seconds when presenting the rooms to a potential client you can stay relaxed and let the atmosphere do their magic. Dreams … seduction … harmony … life with values – home staging is more than a step into the future.

What does home Staging mean for the customer?

He wants to “settle down”. Here and now.

And we can make that happen.